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Asus Service Center Indonesia, here are 5 repair services

Asus Service Center Indonesia continues to strive to improve its services. This is in line with the n-asus products that have become popular with the Indonesian people. With the growing number of Indonesians using Asus products, more and more people need an Asus service center.

Asus products are known for their capable quality at affordable prices. However, in general, the electronics become longer and it is more likely that there will be a decrease in performance. Performance degradation can occur for various reasons. One of the reasons is the use, which is not in accordance with the procedure. Therefore, if you have an electronic device, use it according to establishedprofessionals.

In addition to the decrease in performance, the electronic device may also be damaged, since it is time to replace the components. Often, damage also occurs as a result of improper user behavior. For example, falling into water or charging the battery for too long.

The need for adequate space to repair Asus devices makes Asus Service Center Indonesia the solution. So those of you who have an Asus device don’t have to worry if damage occurs. Just come to the Asus service center and your problem will be properly solved.

5 Asus Service Center Service Center in Indonesia

The services provided by the Asus Service Center are very diverse. Services provided to meet the huge needs of consumers. If you are an  A sus device user, you need to know what services are provided.   Here are 5 services provided by Asus Service Centers in Indonesia:

The repair service that pertama is the repair of mobile phones. There are already many types of mobile phones that Asus sells. Regardless of the type of damage you take, your mobile phone can be taken to a service center for treatment. There are many improvements that can be made, for example, replacing the LCD, replacing the charger, etc.

If the laptop battery is damaged, you can also repair it at the Asus Service Center. Even if Asus products are of good quality, it is, of course, impossible for the product to avoid damage. Likewise, with Asus laptop batteries, which can be damaged by various factors. These factors include using the laptop while charging for too long.

One of the damages that often occur is overheating of the laptop. Using it too long with a large RAM user  usually causes the laptop to heat up quickly. Overheating can cause damage to components on the laptop. Overheating damage can also be repaired at the Asus Service Center in Indonesia.

Hard drive errors can also be fixed at the Asus Service Center. A hard drive error can make your laptop unusable. To do this, immediately make repairs if your laptop has an error on the hard drive. If this is not resolved immediately, it can cause your data to disappear.

Asus service centers can also repair software damage. Indeed, the Asus Service Center is made to solve every problem that occurs with Asus devices. So it is possible to handle almost any kind of damage to Asus devices. This is a form of Asus commitment to provide the best service to the people of Indonesia.

The cost of repairing  or canceling  an Asus device

When performing repairs at the Asus Service Center, a fee will be charged if it is outside the product warranty. Or if the damage is caused by the negligence of the user, for example, falling out of the trouser pocket, which caused the LCD to break. So, when using the device, you need to be careful not to spend money on repairs.

Only Rp. 150,000 is charged for repair costs. This does not include if components are replaced. If a component is replaced, the cost will increase by the price of the replaced component. Asus Service Center Indonesia also applies a Rp 50,000 fee for canceling patches.

A cancellation fee of IDR 50,000 is charged for the costs during the damage check. For those of you who use Asus devices, you should use the device as needed. This is so that your device does not quickly get damaged and does not have to carry out repairs.

Conditions for filing a complaint

In order to declareguarantee products, the provisions shall apply.   Perhaps it is not only Asus products, other products also apply certain conditions to the provided warranty policy. This is certainly enforced to prevent scams committed by users in order to geta guarantee.

The first mandatory condition is that the Asus product is still within a predetermined warranty period. If it has exceeded, the warranty cannot be done. Such provisions shall be inviolable. So, if the warranty period of your Asus device has expired, you don’t have to think about providing a warranty if damage occurs.

The second is that the warranty card is still in possession. Even if you are still on your Asus device in the warranty period, but the warranty card is lost, the warranty cannot be carried out. Therefore, keep the warranty card carefully so that it does not get lost. So if one day it is necessary, you can use it to claim the warranty.

The third condition is that the damage that occurs is not caused by improper use. For example, an example of damage during use is a broken screen due to a fall. Such things cannot be guaranteed. To fix it, you need to use your own money. The warranty can be made in case of damage during normal use or defect of the product.

Another condition is that it is a purchase account. To get a guaranteefrom Asus Service Center Indonesia, it  is possible that a purchase bill is required. The purchase account will be used by the asus service center to check the date of purchase. In this way, no customer pretends to the date of purchase in order to obtain a guarantee.

Call centrum Asus Service Center Indonézia

For those of you who have complaints about Asus products, you can contact the call center on 1500 128. For operating hours Monday to Friday from 9:00  to 17:00. As for Saturdays from 09:00 to 12:00. The call center applies to all ASUS products, such as laptop products, EEE PCs, handhelds, LCD monitors, Eee Box/Eee Top, wireless and network devices, motherboards, and graphics cards.

Call centers can also be used to answer questions if you have technical issues while using Asus products. If you are interested in Asus products and want to learn more, you can also contact the call center. By contacting the call center, you will get a valid answer. Because the answering party is directly from Asus.

For more information, during a pandemic like the current one, the call center is only open Monday to Friday. For operating hours, it starts from 09:30 to 17:00. However, in some authorized service partners, this is still the same as usual. For those of you who need more information about Asus products, you can ask through the call center provided.  The information obtained from the call center can be used as a reference if you want to buy Asus products.

Asus never wanted to disappoint its consumers. Therefore, Asus pays great attention to the servicesprovided to its consumers.  One of them is the presentation of a service center with very adequate service, such as Asus Service Center Indonesia.

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