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 This is the newest bocalapac communication center to file complaints

For those who have problems or want to know the latest information, so here the Bucalapak Call Center is  actively serving consumers for a full 24 hours through phone calls and social networks that you can contact. So , you don’t have to hesitate to call the Bucalapak Communication Center if you have problems while  Buy.

This is because the Bokalapak team helps address obstacles, complaints, criticism and user suggestions. This is the bocalapak’s commitment to maintaining customer approval associated with marketing through online media. In this way, the Boilapak team quickly responds to all complaints or complaints from consumers.

the importance of the role of the Bucalapak Communication Center in the eyes of consumers

The Contact Center or Merged Information Center, which has been notified by this company, is responsible for responding and finding solutions and fulfilling the wishes of all complaints and complaints from consumers. Therefore , communication centers have an important role to play in protecting consumers’ trust in the use of products in the company


This is the same with Bushalapak , one of Indonesia’s largest electronic trading companies , providing a communications center that operates 24 hours a day . There are 3 ways you can use it to connect to call call center services from Bokalapak. First, you can use an interaction phone service.


Second, you can send messages through social networks or emails. And third, you can directly use the guided menu available on the app. This is the Boxalapak Call Center you can use when you have problems or problems while shopping in A.K.


So, you can choose a call center service provided by the Package Team. Try choosing the Bokalapak Contact Center service based on the type of complaint you feel when you buy.

types of customer complaints and must contact the contact center

Bokalapak is actually one of the market applicants who always responds to all complaints and insinuations from consumers All complaints made by the Customer Of The Box immediately responded appropriately. Therefore, these are the kinds of complaints that need to be resolved by contacting the Bukalapak Contact Center:

  1. Commands that don’t.

It’s really very unstable if the request package doesn’t come in. Therefore, users need clarity about the request package that has been bought. So, here’s the bookcall call center you need to contact. In addition to connecting to the Bocalapak Call Center, you also need to contact the delivery party. The goal is for you to get more detailed package information.


  1. Nagonjani Bahrahmeh Kahiyuhkan

The Bokalapa K Communication Centeralso serves as a center between sellers and customers sometimes, and customers feel that fraud has been made by the seller. So, the customer submits a complaint to the Call Center. And the Call Center sends reports from consumers to the relevant department for the investigation process.


  1. Obstacles when reversing balance

Sometimes , sellers or sellers in Bukalapak often have difficulty withdrawing the balance of sales results This may be caused by apps experiencing repairs or other factors. This is the bocalapack call center you need to call to ensure that the balance of sales is spent directly on the seller’s account.


  1. Destkotni Soodhkani Perchme

If users don’t get the benefits of saving promos, they can contact the connection center. Because, there are factors that cause users not to benefit from the promos that Bokalapak has set up for more details, and they can apply directly to the Contact Center in Bokalapak.

This is the Boxalapak Communication Center by telephone and social networks that are active 24 hours a day

To submit complaints, complaints, criticisms, and suggestions after marketing in Bokalapak, you can contact the app contact center directly. The package is very open if there are users who want to file a complaint or suggestion.


It’s not surprising that the Bokalapak Call Center is available in the form of an interaction phone for social networks. In fact, in the Bokalapak program, there is also a call center service that is ready to help you find solutions to complaints or problems they experience.


You can choose the type of call centers that have been notified by the Bushalapak team. If the complaint and problem you are experiencing is urgent, this is the Contact Center of The Contact Box  via a contact phone that needs to be contacted.


You can call 021 50813333. This phone stops a 24-hour interaction from Bokalapak to help consumers who have problems marketing in Bokalapak.


And if you face complaints that you don’t need to or want to transmit suggestions criticism, you can contact the Call Centre in The Box through social networks.


You can send a direct message (DM) through The Bookapak Twitter account in @BukaBantuan. In addition to sending a direct message (DMS), you can also provide comments that will then be answered by a team of social networks from Bukalapak.


In addition, you can file complaints by email or email. And here’s the Bocalapak Contact Center by e-mail in for the message topic. Please type in the complaint you feel when you’re buying in Bokalapak. Then, attach the documents as pictures, videos, or screens.


comparing the communication centers provided by Bukalapak

As one type of  app for online purchases, Bokalapak  also notified the phone center that it is ready to  serve consumers for 24 hours within 7 days. So, you can  report problems on weekends and are still provided by the help Bokalapak has provided.


There are some users who compare the performance of the Package Call Center. On average, users consider that the Customer Call Center service is more responsive through an interaction phone call.


This is because the service through the phone call is often for urgent complaints. In this way, the officer will provide treatment procedures. TIDAKis surprised if this is the Bookapak Communications Center that  is  always busy solving complaints by users


However, you are charged a connection fee to contact the Bokalapak Call Center via this interaction phone. So, make sure you have full confidence in connecting to the Merged Information Center in Bokalapak.


Some users also pointed out that submitting complaints through social networks such as Twitter and e-mail will take longer because of the main products of Bookalapak through social networks and are also responsible for responding to DM messages that come from other users


In this way, the completion process will take longer than using the Contact Call Center. It’s just that there’s no cost needed to contact the Bokalapak call center through this social network, so this is a bocalapak replacement call center if you can’t contact the officer via the contact line.


Bukalapak is one of indonesia’s largest market programs So many call centres to make it easier for consumers to submit complaints or complaints are not surprising. Therefore, this is the Bukalapac Connection Center you can connect to when you are having difficulty marketing.

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