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Find out how to transfer Quota 3 without paying easily

It turns out that most Indonesians   are      indeed familiar with 3   (tri)  providers and that there is a way to allocate it   to those who need  an   emergency.

Naturally, Internet use is now very important for everyone, which is due to increasing use and extensive daily life  Thus , many providers are competing to promote internet  packages to the public .

Quota 3 and procedures for  transferring its requirements

Every provider  needs to know that quota transfer services are always provided, but not all  providers are  easy and immediately offered; don’t  worry, we will discuss several ways to easily transfer the  quota  in this article  .

One   of the contributors to this article is 3 (Tri)  , so for those who want to transfer the limit  with  a tricard Here are some of the  terms and conditions that need to  be considered  .   Here are  some    situations that need to be considered before concluding how to transfer Quota 3  Here is what happened  .

It may  be good for you if it is still essential to meet the current requirements before    changing  quotas, whether between providers or others.

  1. The sender’s numbers must occur when they are active.
  2. Meanwhile, the number of recipients is permitted under the condition of a period of gratitude, but make sure  that your number does not pass the grace period . If the number of recipients is lost, the quota transfer is declared failure.
  3. Additionally, the minimum balance of the sender to transfer debt must be IDR 5,000,  so you  must make sure  that  the nominal money in the card  reaches up to 5,000 RPs  to transfer.

As for many of the above situations, it may  not seem too complicated and complex, but it really needs to be focused;  for those using three cards  , this 3 112 can be  switched to fellow consumers or to other operators.

Does the bus make  H Transfer Allocation  3  to other  operators?

As a surgeon, do you  know how  to transfer     Quota 3 to fellow users or other  operators?  Can  you transfer 3 to another operator? actually, there are plenty of   ways to send internet quotas to  other  operators.

Please note for  P  rovider 3 users that there is an  easily accessible Internet information package delivery service  , and  while this  provider is not as easy as other providers, it is  always trying to improve its level of service.

In addition,  there are        many   differences  between provider 3 and others that carry services in the form of cheaper quota     fees than other providers.   The cost of SMS and telecoms between each other and other operators  is also very cheap.

In fact,  not only do you get that benefit but you can access social media indefinitely. If your Internet data package runs  out, but you  can still access  social media  programs such as Whitaker, Line, etc.

3 (  Tri)  doesn’t have as good  a service as other providers but provides rationing delivery   services  between each other and other   operators   but  you  can still enjoy  other services.  so data   You don’t have to worry if you want to transfer the packages to each  other or other operators.

How  to  move Quota 3 to  each other

This technique is  very easy and  inexplicable to send information packages  such as other  cards, but  it  is still successful.

  1. 3 Allocate Dior upwards

Here are some steps in sending Internet data packages, including 3 cards:

  1. Click Dial +323 # 323 # or call.
  2. You can then  enter the nominal credit you wish to transfer, as well as the destination number you would like to send.
  3. Please wait a short while for notification or upcoming notification to proceed with the confirmation.
  4. If the credit relief is declared successful, the recipient can register a data package immediately.


  1. Quota Transfer Via BimaTri App

The method of transferring Allocation 3 is not only via USD or USSD but also by using the Bymatri application. Where the Matrix program is a specialized service for triple consumers to assist their customers in making transactions.

In fact, there are many types of transactions that can be easily undertaken, including sending Internet information to one-third users, and  you can use BimaTri in the I application  to send credit to each other or other   operators.

The first is to first install the Bymatri application on your smartphone, then dance using number three to register again An emerging notification will emerge about menu options if the account is successfully created.

Or you can also follow some of the following steps to send your Tri split with the Bymatri app:

  1. Enter the app first by using the Tri number prepared to be allocated .
  2. If you have successfully logged in, look for a 3Product list.
  3. In addition, the way to transfer Quota 3 with the Bematri suite is to determine the option of the package to be transferred on the 3Product list.
  4. Then select the list to buy products for other users.
  5. Teacher, enter the number you want to transfer and press the purchase button.

How to transfer Quota 3 to other operators

In  addition to sending internet data packages to other operators,   the answer  is now,  there is no data  package transfer service to other operators from provider 3.  However, you don’t need to worry, usually 3    .   The service will continue to be updated.

For  the time being  , 3  is   still  developing and  recommending  its services  in  surfing the Internet  easily with cheap and cheap  appropriation  costs.Mostly    in the transfer industry    The experiment itself is still deploying the system among themselves, not with other operators.

So the data packages internet 3  ,  NomoR Indosat, Telko, XL, Axis cannot be sent.  Tre to make it  easier for nods  to   send  data   packages to  all  operators in Indonesia   It was hoped that it  could be added immediately.

As is well known, the use of telephones and joints  is desperately needed, often many people still rely  on  sams and credit phone features,  so   it is good if it improves its services on features as well.

In addition to a  reference to some of the ways in which the aforementioned balance sheet 3 can be transferred, it is expected to be a clue to those who are still confused   .

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