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How to Transfer OVO to Other OVO, Easy and Fast

OVO is a type of electronic money found in Indonesia, there is a way to transfer OVO to your    friend’s or someone else’s OVO. Of course, the existence of e-money technology or e-money will facilitate the existing payment system. Because it is considered more convenient and fast.

The ease of use of e-money can be achieved if you only have a sufficient balance and an e-money account. The balance is very large, as is the balance on an ATM card. The balance of this electronic money also determines the amount of nominal money stored in it.

Thus, the balance contained in the user’s account must be taken into account, otherwise it will be useless later. Therefore, users should remember and periodically check the available balance. Adjusting thescale is very easy, just open the application that has been installed on your smartphone.

There are so many conveniences provided by the use of this electronic money. That is, users can also make transfers between OVO users. But first you need to meet certain conditions to be able to enjoy these features. Also, if the account balance is not enough, you need to top up first.

Recharge, before you know how to transfer OVO to OVO

Before making any transaction involving e-money, of course, a certain balance is required to do so. Add the OVO balance by topping up, there are many ways to top up the balance on the OVO account. For example, through AUTOMATED banking machines, m-banking, or cashiers who have already collaborated with OVO.

There is a minimum top-up requirement, if through a bank account, ATM or mobile bank, there is usually a minimum nominal surcharge of 10,000. If through one of the cashiers who have already cooperated with OVO, usually a minimum supplement of 50 thousand.

How to transfer OVO to OVO via the top-up transaction requires an additional fee for the administration fee. Calm down, the cost is not expensive, only a thousand rupees. But if you recharge via a Grab driver, these administration fees are waived. So wanting to charge anywhere is always the same, depending on your comfort.

For the steps to be recharged via an ATM, here’s how, insert your ATM card into the ATM first. Select the Transfer menu, select Transfer to another bank. If you selected Nobu bank and fill in the ode 503 followed by the number 9 + digits of your mobile phone number, for example 5039081******.

If you have selected the desired nominal, you will be charged a thousand rupees. And the minimum top-up is 10,000, after which complete the transaction by following the following instructions. If you can verify the account on your smartphone, whether the balance has been entered accordingly or not.

Fulfill the requirements and how to transfer OVO to OVO

If the steps to top up the OVO balance have been completed and are sufficient with your needs, pay attention to the conditions under which you will transfer OVO to OVO. Of course, to transfer your balance to  someone else’s OVO balance, you must first meet the requirements. The main requirement is that you need to upgrade.

What is meant by upgrade here is to upgrade your OVO account to OVO Premier. So that later you can get this transfer function easily and quickly. To upgrade and get this balance transfer feature, verification must first be performed. Your ID card and photo are therefore required later.

The first requirement to transfer OVO to OVO is  to prepare the identity of the ID card and camera on your smartphone, try to use a clear camera to facilitate the face verification step. The first step in upgrading is to select the upgrade menu in your application. If you’ve chosen to upgrade online, take a clear photo of your ID card.

After that, fill in your mother’s biological name, and then take a picture of your face and ID card holding it. Try not to blur the photo and it should be sharp and clear. After that, confirm and check the checklist box of the available terms and conditions. Select the process and proceed with the verification.

Thischeck is  usually only a maximum of 24 hours. Thus, you do not have to wait long, let alone can only be done at home. This will certainly provide its own convenience for its users. If it has been verified, your account can be used for transfers.

Begini Cara Transfert OVO ke OVO

There are several steps to transfer OVO to OVO, which is easy and doesn’t take long. That is, simply upgrade the account to Premier and can already complete this transaction. Of course, before making a transfer, make sure that your balance is sufficient according to your needs.

Because it is useless to have been promoted to Premier but the balance is insufficient. Here are the steps to complete a transfer transaction from your account to another account.   The first way to transfer OVO to OVO is to open the app on your smartphone. If you selected the transfer menu on the main page of the application.

After that, choose to transfer to another user, if you just filled out the form with your name or  user number. In this step, pay special attention to the number or name  you fill in, try not to make mistakes. To avoid this, it is also planned to select a contact.

This makes it easier if the user of the transfer destination has been saved in the contacts of your smartphone. In addition to being more convenient, it is a matter of ensuring that the filled number is correct. If you have filled in the nominal to be transferred later, the minimum amount transferred is 10,000.

If you continued to proceed to the next process is the content of the message, where it is optional. It can be filled in or not, for more information about transactions. If you have selected continue and a pop-up window will appear regarding the transaction information. When it is confirmed that the data is correct and appropriate, press the transfer button.

After that, all that remains is to wait for the balance to enter the recipient’s account. Manually confirm with the recipient, whether the balance has been received or not.   Usually, do notbel u wait with long the balance is in. It only takes a few minutes after the transaction is completed, just like the usual atM transfer.

 OVO to OVO Transfer Fees

If you already understand and know how to transfer OVO to OVO and the conditions that must be met. On this occasion, information will be given on the costs necessary for the realization of the t ransaksi.   For transactions betweenusers and OVO accounts, the required fees are free.

This is done so that users become more comfortable in using the features available in this app. But it is different if the transfer is made from an OVO user to a bank account, there is a fee for the transaction, which is 2500 rupees per transaction.

So make sure that the balance you have is enough so that it is not lower later due to additional fees for transactions. It’s very easy and fast with the existence of this e-money technology. In Indonesia itself, this technology has been supported by many outlets, whether for food or other products.

In addition to being easier and faster, the use of e-money also aims to make financial transactions more convenient than before. Only a smartphone is needed, you can make transactions quickly. With this method of transferring from OVO to OVO , it is hoped that users will be more comfortable.

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