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3 ways to contact the Tokopedia Call Center for consultation

In this digital age 3 ways to contact a Tokopedia call center should be known when the marketplace becomes a user. A call center is simply defined by Tocopedia as a service for customers when they need information, submit complaints or ask for help when they receive problems. This service in digital business is very important to promote good relationships with customers.

Call centres are compared with business presentations that are directly facing consumers. This service is an important point to provide a sense of comfort to customers. Not only good response and communication, the media used in call center services shows the professionalism of the company while providing the best service to consumers.

Tokopedia is one of Indonesia’s largest markets, and has been included in the category of unicorns that are still developing themselves today. Of course,  this large market  strives to provide the best possible service to both customers, sellers and buyers  . 3 ways to contact the Tokopedia Call Center if you need information or you submit complaints.

How to contact the Tokopedia Call Center that can be done

Below are the methods that can be used to contact the Tokopedia Call Center that can be tried.

  1. Using a call center

If you need immediate response, you  can choose from the best 3 ways  to contact the Tokopedia Call Center by contacting directly at the 02153691015 or 02180647333  . However, when using this method, the customer needs a provider balance to do it. If you do not want to spend more money, we recommend using this medium when you are in a critical/uncertain situation.

  1. By using email

If you’re used to using email at work, you can do so through this medium. The advantage of this method is that you can either make complaints officially or not. This way it is easy to include the documents needed to increase your resistance or request information.

An electronic message address communicate with customer service. Another advantage of this media is that the confidentiality of information can be better maintained while submitting or communicating complaints.

Getting customer service through social media

When the problem is not very significant,  one of 3 ways to contact the Tokopedia Call Center, we recommend selecting other media that do not cost money. These include through social media, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Communication services through this social media can be used within a full 24 hours. Another convenience for those who are used to using social media is that the process is simple.

When using Twitter,  the accounts you can contact are @tokopedia or @tokopediacare. In the meantime, if you contact using Tocopedia Facebook, please open @tokopedia fanpage with URL address. When using Instagram, please follow @tokopedia account.

Communicating with the service with social media can be explained in several ways. First, by specifying in the comments column or directly using a personal message. We recommend using the comments area for general information.

However, when discussing personal matters or committing fraud or deceiving those who need your personal data, we recommend using messages directly. It is safe as well as puts you in trouble from others.

When communicating with social media, it does not cost.  All you need is data to access and use social media. But the shortcomings of this media, the response is relatively slow compared to telephone services. Because most  of the customers usually use this media to interact with Tokopedia.

Even when it’s too much on social media and piled up, it’s likely not to be read by customer service. Therefore, this media is recommended to be used to communicate or tell things that are less important. When you enter the site or application, you can focus on making a purchase or opening stalls.

Although you  do not use this social media asone of the 3 choices of 3 ways to contact the Tokopedia call center, we recommend keeping following it. Because Tokopedia gives many updates through its social media. Whether it’s policies, publicity, or any other important information.

Communicating with  the  Tokopedia Call Center using an application

Below are some of the ways that can be used to communicate with the Tokopedia Call Center using the application.

  1. Help Center

Another option  of 3 ways to contact the Tokopedia Call Center using the application on the “Help Centre” panel  . Whether using the application or the site, please select the Contact Us panel. Then some tips will be displayed that you will tell you about, please go straight to the requirements. Then, please state the information you want to solve.

  1. Tokopedia Care

You can communicate with customer service through the Tokopedia Care feature. Tokopedia Care has a variety of information about this marketplace that customers and sellers need. In addition to the information, Tokopedia Care tutorials also provide information and articles as important advice to users.

You can access it by opening the account first. Then select the settings panel – select Tokopedia Care. On this page, please type the keyword about the problem in the search bar.  To  be more accurate with the information you receive on the topic of the problem.

Next, type the keywords of the problem you are facing. After this process a guide to solve the problem will be displayed.  Further customer service in the Help Center feature when the problem is not realized.

  1. Transaction Invoice

Another way in this application  can be through an invoice of the transactions  you  are making. Please open the list of transactions on the account – click on Shopping. Please select the transaction that is facing problems. The details of the message are then displayed, please select the panel.

  1. Live Conversation

You  can communicate through the live chat service  that has been provided as a consultation room with the Tokopedia team. However, the live chat service is currently limited to sellers who have a membership of gold and platinum. To take advantage of this service, please open the top bot widget.

After that, you can open an account, navigate to Settings – navigate to Tokopedia Care – display pop-up chat – select it on the chat panel now – then you can write down  what  you want to consult. But before responding, the Tokopedia system usually sends a chatbot.

  1. Through Resolution Center

With this service,you can consult directly with Tokopedia. They then  spell out the best solution for each buyer or seller . To do this please open an account – this is a list of transactions – it is a purchase – select the transaction in which a problem has occurred – please select the complaints panel.

It will then be displayed pop up complaint order please click on it. Then point to the problem and state it clearly. The reporter did not respond for 3 days or did not find the best solution,  please use the ‘Ask for Help’ feature. Here you will be directly welcomed by the admin of the Resolution Center who will help in solving the problem.

Ethics used to  contact call centres

In addition to the technical methods, among the 3 ways to contact the Tokopedia Call Center , you must pay attention to the process. Still, tell me politely, even if the buyer is the king. Open communication with a polite greeting, then state it concisely, clearly, not with vocabulary. Make sure that the information you provide is true and not remote.

If needed, include supporting evidence when filing a complaint to make it easier for them to respond.  You have to wait patiently for a response, because there are many customers who may also experience a problem like yours. In this way, it will be answered well.

In addition, before submitting complaints, before asking questions, make sure that you have tried to understand the rules relating to transactions on Tokopedia.  Don’t let you ask questions   from the problems clearly mentioned in the Information Center in 3 ways to contact the Tokopedia Call Center.

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