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No hassle Here are 8 ways to transfer OVO to GoPay

Want to know without being complicated, here are 8 ways to transfer OVO to GoPay that need to be understood.  There must be many Indonesians who already have several types of online wallets, one of which is Dana, GoPay, OVO and others.  For customers who are new users, they definitely have a hard time when running trans operations.

Especially if  the transaction is carried out between one virtual wallet and another. For that, you need to know the steps to make this virtual wallet transfer   easy.  Even users can also process reverse transfer transactions   quickly. In an age where everything is instantaneous, the use of online wallets is increasingly crowded.

This is because by using virtual wallet , all transactions can be run very easily. Not only that, this new innovation in the financial sector also has its own charm as it offers many types of attractive promotions. So it’s no wonder if more and more people are using it.

When it comes to virtual wallets like OVO itself, many have fans. Also, these transaction tools can also be used  to send money to well-known banks in Indonesia. In order to access it, you need an internet connection and supporting devices like smart phones. If the connection is smooth, the transaction process is fast.

Get to know OVO Digital Wallet

With this innovative online payment method, you don’t have to bring cash if you want to run transactions. To have this account, you only  have to downloadan application through the official store.   So that  the transaction process without any hassle is like 8 ways to transfer OVO to GoPay can be done.

After that, register, where you need to fill in your personal data along with your mobile number.  If the creation of the account has been approved, you can use it as a wallet.   In the application itself, users can find two types of funds, namely OVO points and cash. For points in themselves, the collected is poin.

It can be with the help of refunds or other promotions from existing programs.  Every 1 point is worth only 1 rupiah. So if you have 50,000 points, it means that the money you have is 50 thousand rupiah.  In addition, for OVO, cash funds  are the value they have.

With cash in this application, you can without the hassle of these 8 ways to easily transfer OVO to GoPay and other transactions. Using this cash fund yourself can be done when paying to different traders. If you use this digital wallet, you will generally get money back.

In addition, you can earn OVO points yourself, you can use it as when using cash funds from the application. However, the scope itself is not broad. Meanwhile, if you want to see the balance, you just need to open the apk and you will see how much money you have in it.

How to Transfer OVO to GoPay Easily

Before you run the transfer process, you need to pay attention to some important points first. The first is to pay attention to the used online wallet account, both of which are active and verified. The trick is to provide a photo of the original ID card.  In addition,  the balance that will be transferred is  OVO cash.

So before you make a transaction, make sure your virtual wallet balance has its contents.  Only by fulfilling these conditions can the transaction process be carried out.  After that, you can without being complicated, here are 8 ways to transfer OVO to GoPay that must be followed.

  1. The first step of open apk on smart phone
  2. If you already have it open , select the transfer option in the menu
  3. Then write down what the nominal amount of money transferred is
  4. Only then can you choose the gem bank option
  5. Do not forget to enter the account number, here you need to fill it in with the active mobile number and it will start with 898
  6. If so, you can click on transfer
  7. Don’t forget to select confirm
  8. All online wallet transfer processes have been successful, then a message will appear if the transaction is successful

Without being complicated, here are 8 ways to transfer OVO to GoPay that can be run.  If you manage to receive a successful transaction message,  the balance will be automatically deducted. After that, the user only needs to check the gopay balance whether it has been entered or not.  If you don’t get it,  contact CS immediately.

This process of sending money can be done not only to gopay, but also  other virtual wallets or bank accounts.  You just need to follow the guidelines exactly. If you don’t understand, contact us immediately as cs from OVO.  All complaints about online transactions  will be given the best solution.

Before the transfer know this

If you want to operate a transaction,  it  is quite simple, especially if  the  things needed are in accordance with the regulations. It turns out that  without being complicated, these 8 ways to transfer OVO to  GoPay make  it easier for users who want  to  perform transactional activities.   However, before they start trading, users should  know some of the important points.

Supay  the activities that are run  can run smoothly, so make sure the important part is understood first. For this reason, we will briefly explain what must be understood before carrying out the transaction process. The first is about the transfer fee. Each transfer you will be charged 2500 rupiah.

Of course, this nominal is very cheap, given that it costs more to use a bank, namely 6-7500 rupiah. In addition, the minimum number of transactions must also be taken into account. The minimum you don transaction is 10,000 rupiah.   So that it  can  be  more and it cannot be less.   OVO is often used as an easy choice  for  small amounts of cod liver oilsfer.

Withthe help of an online wallet, transfers  are very fast.  Justa few seconds it works. You  don’t have to worry about waiting.  Because not a few users are satisfied with our service. For this reason, if you want to transfer,  you can use this  hassle-free method, 8 ways to transfer OVO to GoPay.

Pay attention when you want to send money through this method. Because the balance of points funds cannot be sent. So the funds to be thought of  this come only from OVO cash. Meanwhile, the points fund itself is a prize received by users with certain promotions or programs.

Charged to the transaction process

In fact, since  2019 in  December,  this OVO online wallet transaction  will  be charged around  Rp.2500.   Hassle-free transactions like these 8 ways to transfer OVO to GoPay make customers aware of  the  right steps so that the process goes smoothly. But even if you use the cost of the process, it is not too expensive.

Especially if customers use banks with  a greater cost burden.   As for how long it  takes  when  running transaksi ovo  balance  itself is also not long. Since  it uses an internal t-connection, the path is also faster and instantaneous. You don’t have to wait long for the gopay balance to increase.

For those who want to run this process, be sure to know what things need to be taken into account so as not to be mistaken when trading. This virtual wallet itself is really increasingly used . So more knowledge will help you more easily maximize the service.

If you’re still confused about things about the VOV virtual wallet,  you can directly query the call center via 1-500-696. We will serve customers every day 24 hours a day. Steps without being complicated are like 8 ways to transfer OVO to GoPay that can be done with just the palm of your hand.

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