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Learn about the air Asia call center’s transition to complaint resolution

The Air Asia Call Center is the key to solving your various problems. Through this call center, you can get a variety of information and instructions related to things and all the problems associated with  the flight you need. Indeed, sometimes there may be obstacles when you are going to fly.

This call center is mainly designed to make it easier for customers to quickly and practically report or report various things without visiting the airline’s office directly. No matter where you are and where you are, you can easily connect with AirAsia.

In essence, AirAsia itself is a type of airline originally from Malaysia. This airline can already carry passengers on travel routes around the world, for example, on the Asian continent, in Australia and even in Europe. Because the airline office itself is common in different countries, including Indonesia itself.

But as times change and technology become much more complex, AirAsia is increasingly providing convenience to its customers, including communications and reporting services. As a result, airAsia currently no longer uses Air Asia’s call centers manually, but is more internet-centric.

Then, where does the manual call center go?

If earlier every customer could contact AirAsia services and AirAsia X Flight from Monday to Sunday, now AirAsia airlines no longer use manual service for their customers. AirAsia handed over all forms of complaints and reports to more complex ones.

This more sophisticated Air Asia call center service  certainly uses a more automated online system in which it is easier for everyone to access, even easier to get the desired answer without waiting long enough.

In addition to using automated chats to connect with the airline,  you can also take advantage of various other social media platforms. For example, you can contact the airline through your official AirAsia account using a Twitter instant message or Facebook Messenger. Really quite affordable, right?

Another  method of the Air Asia call center , which can be used to contact AirAsia, is to traditionally chat on the official AirAsia website.

Learn more about airAsia AVA live chat

As explained earlier, one of the ways to get customers to contact the airline is through live chat or live chat via chat media. AirAsia itself called the method AirAsia Virtual Allstar, or known as AVA Live chat, which is easily accessible.

Live Chat, which is a replacement for the Air Asia call center , is a form of a virtual assistant with artificial intelligence (AI) that can simulate live chats. With it, you will not communicate directly with employees or employees, but is handled by a chatbot that responds automatically.

Although you answer automatically, you don’t have to worry because the answers that this live chat will provide will still be of high quality and satisfactory until the questions you ask  are included in the popular and general questions.

You do not need to be confused about communication through this medium, although the airline is from abroad. Because the language you will use  will surely be understood by the technology used in this live chat.   You can also feel another advantage, namely to contact the airline indefinitely.

If earlier, when you were still using the Air Asia call center manually , you could only communicate from 6.00 to 22.00, here you do not have a time limit. Easy, right?

How to access AVA live chat on AirAsia in practice

The ability to access the AVA live chat is very simple. You only need a stable internet connection and an app device. After that, you can visit the official website of AirAsia. Go to the support page on it. After logging in, you will find the live chat icon in the lower left corner.

Click on the Air Asia Call Center  button in the form of a live chat and you will instantly join the live chat. If you want to facilitate access to live chat, you can also download the AirAsia utility to your mobile phone.

Not only through the website, the mobile application, Facebook and Twitter, but also twitter, recently AirAsia also planned to further expand this chatbot service, which can also be accessed in the Whatshapp and WeChat application. Both of them are very close to the user, so they will definitely be easier to reach.

You can choose which platform you want to contact AirAsia if you have problems or various other problems. Although it is instantaneous and complicated, you can still manually call with employees, but usually this happens for quite a long time.

What are some thingsthat can be helped through live chat?

This has previously been explained because it does not use the services of its latest Air Asia call center service for employees  , the answers to this chatbot are general and depend on frequently asked questions. Therefore, you also need to understand what are the things that can be answered exactly by live chat.

Things you might be able to ask during a live chat include bookings and ticket changes, how to buy luggage, information related to flight status, information about airasia’s advertising request, and even how to buy meals during the flight.   You can also choose a location through this live chat.

During this live chat, as a passenger, you can also apply for a refund by cancelling your plane ticket. Everything has become very complete and appropriate to make it easier for you to use this flight service.

But another thing  you should also  pay attention to is how to ask. Since you do not talk to a real person, then you can not ask too long a question. Usually you just need to enter keywords to get information from what you want to know .

For example, in this case, you want to know the information about registration, then you can write only the keyword registered in the live chat that you are using . You will receive an answer later and you will only need to follow the process after that. It’s pretty simple and straightforward, yes!

If using this live chat service still can’t bring satisfaction, you can still contact AirAsia airline employees directly, although it takes a lot of time. The bottom line is that even if you no longer use the Air Asia Manual Call Center, you will still be able to communicate with the airline more easily.

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