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The role of the  West Java Provincial Health Office  in the fight against Covid-19


Against the COVID-19 pandemic, which has not gone away so far, the  West Java Provincial Health  Office has made several efforts. The reason is that  West Java itself  is  one of  the places infected with the coronavirus itself, which is large.   Even just one week,  the number of patients has increased.


Based on the West Java covid information  and coordination center,  cases with the largest number occurred in the Bekasi area. Yet the highest recovery rate  can  also be found in Bekasi. There are still many residents on West Java in the care of the covid case.   For those who are positive, isolation will  be  carried out.


You can do the isolation process in your hospital or in your own home.  For cases of this virus, it is said to end when the patient  has recovered or even died. Meanwhile, in  West Java itself, there are  also  many cases of people dying from covid.


The nature of the positive cases of covid itself can also be arbitrary.  It depends on how to deal with it. Therefore, the government and the health office  in West Java are also making various efforts to minimize the number of deaths of covid-19 patients.   So far, the role of health professionals is needed.


West Java health workers   are vaccinated


To minimize the death toll or contracting of this covid virus, the relevant West Java  provincial health service  has  also done many things.   As this new  vaccinations, for example,   does.   Indeed, vaccines   have come out in Indonesia, but not all of them for recipients.


The first recipients of the vaccine are health professionals and related parties. In West Java alone, about 80% of health workers have been self-vaccinated against COVID-19 with the  sinovac vaccine.   The vaccines  that the government itself has received  still cannot reach all health workers in  West Java.


This is because everyone gets two doses.  So that, even though it is missing, the West Javanese government will also try to get it accepted immediately so that it can be used.  Even the  West  Java Provincial Health  Office will vaccinate its residents.   While some things  hinder the  vaccination process, they can  be  overcome immediately.


For the number of vaccines that the inhabitants of West Java themselves need, they have to wait again. Because the population that  lives  in this region  itself is quite a lot.   In fact, the number is the largest in Indonesia.   So that the administration of vaccines is  also carried out  in stages.  But despite this, everyone  gets the breast milk vaccine.


In addition, other problems arising from the administration of this vaccine are due to the  advantages and disadvantages of the type injected. Many of the people refused the vaccine because there  was no MUI and BPOM label.   However, the  issuance of  legalization by the  two institutions eventually made   West Java residents  want to be injected.


Puskesmas plays a role inthe fight against Covid-19


In the fight against this coronavirus case,  the West Java Provincial Health Office and its government have also started creating a program, namely an integrated and champion health center. At the beginning of the establishment of a program  to tackle the coronavirus itself, the government distributed many health workers.


Previously, the health center relied on to treat covid cases was also in a state of disrepair.  But now an update is being made in which health professionals in the health center who are dedicated to   the care of covid patients are mixed.   So that eventually other  diseases are taken care of. This makes vaccination ineffective to carry out.


In order to treat cases of corona patients themselves, it must meanwhile be special and intensive.  So that previously the health workers in the cougars could not work optimally.   So that the latest program has been created, namely an integrated health center to specifically treat covid cases   .  The program was created by the  government of West Java.


The government hopes that with the new health workers stationed in the puskesma’ s, it  can maximize  its performance. The role of the West Java Provincial Health Office  in making  this program itself a success  is also very important.   Meanwhile, the West Javanese government itself is demanding  that a larger number of new medical staff be placed in puskema’s.


This method itself is one of the innovations that the government of West Java is implementing to overcome this coronavirus pandemic. By optimizing the role of puskesmas to deal with this.   For example,  there are more and more human resources so that the program can be successfully implemented.


Optimize integrated puskesma’s and champions


With regard to integrated puskesmas and champions or puspa, this is  a  new method by the provincial government and the  West Java Provincial Health  Office to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. This is carried out by optimizing the role of the cougars themselves. It has been implemented in some areas of West Java .


Through this puspa program , the government works togetherbetween professions to be involved in different job sectors. This is used to improve the application of tracing, testing and treatment. Not only that, but it’s also used to maximize the 3M set by the government.


This is also enforced to maximize the handling of the coronavirus outbreak. The purpose of creating this puspa program is so that the community will be obedient in the application of 3 M.   Previously, health workers who were asked to take care of covid themselves were also busy with other things besides the virus outbreak.


Meanwhile, the main task of the medical officers to take care of covid themselves in accordance with the provisions of the West  Java Provincial Health  Office  is  specifically to overcome the corona problem. They are asked to learn more about people who are really affected by the virus and are required to report and come to the health center in question.


The team of this puspa itself is also tasked with tracing residents of close contact. Because previously there were not many things that were successfully detected. Thus, it needs optimization  to maximize  the performance of the program previously created by the West Java government.  Puspa will be spread over the entire area in West Java.


Mobile Posyandu for red zone


In the midst of this corona pandemic, the government and the West  Java Provincial Health  Office also continue  to attach importance to the health of their people. Of course, you still need to implement the protocols established by the government.  However, specifically for areas that are in the red zone, these basic health activities are carried out around.


Health professionals will work with related parties to  perform mobile posyandu to minimize cases of death due to other things. This health program itself is conducted by medical personnel along with related devices by coming directly to people’s homes. The implementationitself will be carried out in accordance with the current protocol.


The working technique is adapted depending on the needs alone. In general, the posyandu itself will be done by collecting in one place. By circumventing this, however, the residents only stay at home, later they are visited directly by regional medical officers of West Java.  So that the implementation itself is indeed in line with what is needed.


The current COVID-19 pandemic, which is still busy, has caused many fields to experience problems. But now there are protocols that minimize the spread. Deathsare also decreasing and recovered cases are increasing withthe help of the community that complies with government regulations and the West Java Provincial Health Office  .

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