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Various best services by Suzuki Service Center in the country

As a type of service to its loyal customers, Suzuki offers additional services in the form of a Suzuki service center  .   For those wishing to use this service, Kamu can contact the  Contact Center  under  the name Halo Suzuki at  0800-1100-800.

Needless to worry, this Halo Suzuki service will not be charged for credit even for 24 hours. Moreover, you can access this service almost anywhere in the world in the country, of course from Aceh to Papua far away. Suzuki promises to satisfy its customers is second to none.

In any service, consumers are free to ask about Suzuki vehicle products, starting with sales, service and  space components. At one point, Totok Yulianto, as head of the 4W service department, revealed  a  detailed concept for Halo Suzuki’s services.

With this service, Suzuki not only waits for buyers, but also seeks and attracts buyers who need help. According to Totok, the services offered will continue to grow and can be used not only as an information centre. Customers who provide  the service  will also be contacted again.

Bester Service Suzuki Service Center

Halo Suzuki is one of the best service products  and has proven to be very effective in helping any consumer struggling. In fact, it has proven a lot of positive feedback from consumers wherever they are.

In an interview with Totok Yulianto, he also said this service would help emergency customers. The form of support  can take the form of towing, as well as service plans and agendas. In addition, Suzuki has always tried to offer the best solutions and solutions.

For those of you who  want to know the address or location of the Suzuki Service Center, you may also want to  ask  about The Mix Suzuki.  This official workshop itself can serve all Suzuki products, both two tires and four-wheel vehicles.

If  you are a consumer who just wants to ask technical issues, you can also  ask some questions such as electrical issues, product recall, and so on. In general, using two-wheelers is actually a hobby to make different changes to their personal vehicles.

According to available data, the average number of consumers using this service can reach as many as 30,000 calls per year. The peak of the request is also common at theend of the year in the months of November and December.

Taken directly from Yulianto’s totok Yulianto account, there has been a trend over the past 5 years to increase incoming calls to 33,089 units in 2014 and 2018. In 2018 alone, at least 42,584 data units were collected.

The look of the new Halo Suzuki logo

Of course,  when talking about the Suzuki service center, you need to know about the logo changes of the Halo Suzuki service  . Currently, Suzuki has truly altered the main logo design service. What’s not more interesting results from information about logo design, where consumers are involved through a national design competition.

The open competition for logos began april 1 to 30, 2019. At least 374 participants from the competition participated. Of course, it shows whether the public’s enthusiasm for this Suzuki product is really real.

The Halo Suzuki Service has long been a service of Suzuki service service.  Founded in 2010, the service is still dedicated today as an information center for a variety of best Suzuki products.  In 10 years, this toll-free service continues to  be Suzuki after sales.

One of the strategies adopted by private vehicle companies is really appropriate because it takes a balanced step to create direct interaction with consumers. Every year, one of the domestic companies really gives extremely proud success.

Of course, for those of you who are still consumers of each of their products, you can be sure that the reviewer or the reviewer of a n kamu is very pleasing. It is not wrong to choose the best products of this company as an option when determining a personal vehicle.

Get to know PT Suzuki Indomobil up close

After meeting some of the best services like the Suzuki Service Center  , do you know about this one company? PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales or SIS for short is the only brand owner in the country with 3 automotive products that differ from each other.

Right now, Indonesia’s Suzuki has made a full contribution to the country and society by continuing to offer more products with indigo benefits for the country’s development. The main commitment to professional services in the field of marketing and  product  services is also an advantage of this one company.

To supply all its customers, PT SIS certainly offers a number that can be contacted anytime and anywhere. For those of you who want to  connect directly to the Suzuki  Service  Service, consumers simply need to access 08001100800 number. You don’t have to hesitate, you can get all the problems related to products and services.

In fact, PT SIS is actually the only APM that monitors three types of products. The goal, of course, is  to provide a quick response to each customer’s needs in terms ofinformation about best Suz Uki products and  also service center service.

This call center service also includes a Suzuki service center  , where customers can get information about products, prices, official workshop locations, as well as telephone workshops. In addition, you can also book a service by determining full pricing and location.

A brief history of PT Suzuki Indomobil

Suzuki Motor Corporation is one of the manufacturers of different types of vehicles. Some of the products offered by this manufacturer include car cars, motorcycles, engine engines and other small internal engines. Historically, the company was first founded by Michio Suzuki in October 1909 in Japan.

At the beginning of 2011, this vehicle manufacturer was declared the 10th largest supplier of vehicle products worldwide. Competitors start with well-known companies such as Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi and others. For this town itself, Suzuki is directly produced by the company Indombil Group.

Suzuki has been in the country since October 2010 and has successfully distributed its products nationwide. Currently, PT SIS is headquartered in M.T Haryono Kav.8, Jakarta Zip Code 13330, Indonesia.

For kamu, loyal users of motorized vehicles, this is a very suitable option to use this product. Besides its superior quality and products, the price of this product will also be able to compete with world-quality motorized vehicles. Moreover, the type of service in the form of the  Suzuki Service Center is no less reason.

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